Wireless Router Setup



Your wireless devices need strong, stable Wi-Fi. We'll set up your router to maximize performance and optimize security and you can choose in home or same day remote setup. Plus we'll provide orgoing romete Wi-Fi support for the lenght of your plan

Already made your purchase and need help with a Wi-Fi issue?

  • Set up your router to maximize performance and optimize security.
  • Connect your wireless devices.
  • Recommend solutions for dead spots and slow speeds.
  • Customize advanced settings, like parental controls and quest networks.
  • Ensure your most important devices have Wi-Fi priority on your network.
  • Assess your current setup and signal strength.
  • Help optimize placement of your router, while weighing performance and convenience.
  • Help you set up a unique network name and a Wi-Fi password to protect your personal data.

    Provide discount in-home Wi-Fi servers of $50.00 per visit.