We provide home service to Optimize PC and Laptop.


We optimize your desktop to make faster and easier. We check and resolve any software conflicts and remove unnecessary files that reduce your computer performance. Further, our IT technicians support specialist update and upgrade new software to make your computer perform better. Life suddenly comes to a halt when desktops stop functioning due to some reason or the other, no matter what the brand of your desktop, Computer Repair Miami provides support for all of them with the help of its certified technicians, issues ranging from configuration of the operating system, support for software and web browser, computer optimization, internet troubleshooting to hardware support, all of them are handled with our desktop technical support team members. Our young and dynamic technicians are extremely competent and no issue are too challenging for them to handle. Slow computer, try our services, we do a complete computer check up and tune up that will optimize your computer and remove unneeded software. Our service will improve overall system performance, check and update your operating system. I also check your systems security and advise how to better secure your computer. This service will make your computer faster and more secure.




  • Optimizing start-up and background service.
  • Updating drives as new version of your computer needed.
  • Updates Windows O/S for more security and performance.
  • Virus Scans computer for monitor potential intrusions.
  • Removing of temporary internet files and cookie.
  • Diagnosing and resolving network issues, wired and wireless.